Parodies and such

Widow Butt


“I said I don’t feel anything anymore, I me-ahn♥! I mean it!”

Try to catch up!

Come on lads! You wanna ride the cavalry, don’tcha? I can’t blink away like this so give it your best shot, loves.

JiangShi Mei

Stiff corpse Mei skin, looks like he’s gotten pretty stiff too.

Hexing Suck

A bewitching experience.

Forbidden Magic

With the help of a forbidden book, this perverted dark mage likes to spice her sex life by summoning extra versions of her lover, including a female one so she can enjoy everything human bodies have to offer. 

Holy Bind

After studying the Netherworld’s ways, Celestia’s angels are trying to teach Etna a lesson in a language she may understand, but there’s just no changing this demon.

Peachy Bunny


Junkyard’s Little Piggy

If nothing else, At least they know how to take care of their pets.

Panties Off

Playing a bit with your good little healslut.