Transformation Trouble

“W-wait! I’m not done transforming yet!!”
Your tentacle boyfriend doesn’t care for clothes, Magical girl chan.

Bar Bun

BunBun somehow ended up as the main attraction in some raunchy alien cantina, gotta give em a good show now.

Peachy Bunny



Regardless of all her efforts, Kat isn’t exactly the most popular person around, so when she meets some of her few loyal fans she decides to shower them with all her pent-up affection. 

Bulma Smooch

Seems like Bulma’s old hairstyle really helps Vegeta to go even further beyond.

Sleepy Satan

Even the Devil some times feels drowsy in the morning.

DMG in the Shadow Realm

DMG got herself trapped in the shadow realm but it ain’t so bad, she got shadow tentacles to keep her company.

High On Nasty

“After a night of nasty fun with her fans, Stocking wakes up wrapped up by someone very close & dear to her”

Lyrica’s New Friends

Lyrica’s new friends teach her all kind of exciting new ways to have fun”