Parodies and such

Beach Hack


“With this simple hack you can have all the fun you want, without bringing unwanted attention! Así me gusta!”


Two sisters just enjoying themselves, Panty just couldn’t let Stocking have all the fun.

High On Nasty

“After a night of nasty fun with her fans, Stocking wakes up wrapped up by someone very close & dear to her”

Caught You

“That’s one way to convince him to make love not war, I guess”

Ibara’s Love Tactic

“Haruto & Ibara figured out a tactic to pacify the Ghosts of the First Division without violence, it may require some acting and some enduring (due to her regenerative abilities keeping her an eternal virgin) but she’d happily go through it to bring them all home safely


“A faulty 2B unit wandering the desert”

Shantae Service

“Genie room service!”

Wishes Come True

“Your wish is my command!”

Kinky Asuka

“I-It’s not like I like all this kinky stuff or anything!”


Best of friends.