Parodies and such

Last Pharaoh

Into Nito

Cream filled chocolate bunny.

Rear Training

Full body training is important if you’re gonna be on the front lines.

Ready For Battle

This spunky gym leader is ready to get spunked.

Erotic Arts Match


Feeding Android 21

Seems like our heroes have found a peaceful way to control Android 21’s insatiable hunger, but will it last? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

Bunny Bulma


Milk for the kitty.

Good Taeko

Commission of the last pale queen from Coppelion’s heroine trio, Taeko being a good little puppy. More Coppelion: Ibara & Aoi 1, 2 & 3.

Stress Testing A2

After installing her new instructions, everyone gives it their all to ensure she’s able to perform to the highest possible standard.